May 28, 2023

Today, Thursday, the Architecture and Design Authority concluded the activities of the first edition of the Academic Forum on Architecture and Design, which was held for two consecutive days at the Movenpick Hotel in Riyadh under the title “Strengthening Cooperation in Architecture and Design” with the participation of the group experts and scientists, local and international specialists in the field of architecture and design.

Through dialogue sessions, workshops and specialized lectures with a group of international experts and scholars, the forum covered several important areas, the most notable of which were: collaboration between disciplines in architecture and design, collaboration between academia and the labor market, and the use of technology as an educational tool. tools and their impact on educational strategies focused on specializations: “Architecture, interior design, industrial and graphic design, ecological architecture, urban design and planning” through an academic and scientific proposal; Transfer your experience and scientific knowledge to the architectural and design community in the Kingdom; To develop the educational field in the field of architecture and design.

The forum launched the “Architecture and Design Academic Competition” of the Department of Art and Architecture with a cash prize of 95,000 rials, which is awarded to the first 3 centers offering creative methods in the academic field of architecture and design education. target scientists in the sector and emphasize the development and application of innovative methods and methods. To teach design in the academic field, share knowledge between them, motivate them to provide creative solutions, encourage academic cooperation between participants, and promote the importance of teaching architecture and design.

The forum serves as an inclusive platform for scholars and experts in architecture and design education; Share knowledge, experience and best global educational practices in this area, as well as analyze the development of current issues at the local and global level in the field of design education through the use of technology as an educational tool and its impact on educational strategies, as well as a mechanism for expanding opportunities for communication between scientists , designers and those interested in architecture and design.

This forum comes from the pioneering role that the authorities are leading through its strategy, which is in line with the national cultural strategy stemming from the Saudi Vision 2030, and its commitment to achieve its goals through the adoption of specific initiatives and various programs that contribute to the support and encouragement scientists from architects and designers, in addition to the organization of exhibitions and courses, as well as the motivation of the creative intellectual movement that accompanies the production sector in all its types and specializations.

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