June 1, 2023

Parliament’s Standing Committee on Food, Consumers and Public Distribution, chaired by BJP MP Loket Chatterjee, has criticized states for failing to provide use certificates (UCs) for various centrally sponsored schemes. The Department of Food Grants Claims Panel report, presented in Parliament on Tuesday, said the failure to submit UCs has delayed SUC schemes.

The report states that various state governments are expected to review a large number of UCs in relation to various ministry schemes. “For example, under the Central Sector Storage and Warehousing Scheme, UC of 10.24 crore and 5.98 crore, respectively, are expected from state governments and the FCI. In addition, £21,76,708 and £16,97,784 UC are under consideration as part of awareness raising among the beneficiaries of the targeted government distribution system and the Uttar Pradesh Grain Bank scheme, respectively,” the report said.

The group stated that non-receipt of UC remained a recurring problem that resulted in the non-release of remaining funds allocated by the Department to state governments for various schemes/projects. This, in turn, could lead to a delay in the completion of projects/schemes. Therefore, the Committee would like to receive information on projects/schemes that cannot be completed due to the cessation of further funding by the ministry due to the lack of UC in various states, ”the message says.

It is noted that the ministry is discussing this issue with the governments of the respective states. “The Committee proposes that this issue be discussed with the state government department concerned in order to convince the need to equip the UC,” the commission said.

advertise millet

The Committee recommended that the Ministry encourage the production and purchase of millet in the states, especially in states with a significant tribal population, such as Rajasthan, MP, Chattisgarh, etc., and provide all possible assistance / assistance / bonuses to farmers who decide to grow millet.

“Similarly, wheat and rice purchases could be increased in states with higher wheat and rice production. In addition, in order to stimulate the consumption of millet, it is further proposed that the beneficiaries of various committee schemes be given the opportunity to combine millet together with wheat and rice in the right amount,” the report says.

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