June 1, 2023

SRM University-AP students were voted the best commentators at a conference organized by the International Model United Nations (IMUN) at the British University in Vietnam from March 11-14.

University students from 35 countries took part in a four-day conference jointly organized by UNICEF, the UN and UN Women.

SRM University-AP students Durgapravien, Ishita, Sahana, Navya, Pravin Kumar, Venugopal, Satvik Suhas, Nitish, Ramiz and Satvik Sai prepared detailed drafts on contemporary social issues and participated in group discussions with students from different countries.

Durgapravien (BSc Computer Science), Venugopal and Satvik Suhas (Engineering) were recognized as the best commentators. They highlighted issues such as cancer treatment, mental health issues and child marriage and tried to offer solutions.

The students were congratulated by Vice-Rector of SRM University-AP P. Satyanarayanan, Vice-Chancellor Manoy K. Arora, Director of International Relations and Higher School of Naga Sveta Pasupuleti and others.

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