March 24, 2023

On Saturday, Salman Khan’s manager and close friend Prashant Gunjalkar received a threatening email against the actor from Goldie Brar’s assistant Mohit Garg. In an email, Mohit referred to a recent interview with Lawrence Bishnoy he gave from Tihar prison. He mentioned that Goldie wants to talk to the actor face to face. The Bandra Police registered FIR against imprisoned mobster Lawrence Bishnoy, Goldie Brar and one Mohit Garg.

For the Uninformed: In a recent interview with Lawrence, the mobster claimed that the actor’s ego would be shattered. The threatening letter was sent on Saturday afternoon to the email address used by the actors’ office. According to the FIR recorded by the Bandra police, the sender was the identity card of a certain Mohit Garg and it read: “Goldie Bhai (Goldie Brar) ko baat karni hai tere boss Salman se. (Lawrence Bishnoy) Deh hi lia hoga interview. Usne shayad nahi dekha ho toh bol diyo dekh lega. Matter close karna hai to BAAT karva diyo, face to face karna ho, woh bata diyo. Abhi time rehte inform kar diya hai agli baar jhatka hi dekhne ko milega (Goldie wants to talk to her boss Salman. You may have seen the interview, he would skip it, tell him to watch the interview. If you want to put an end to this matter, say him to talk to Goldie face to face. Let him know before time or there are consequences).”

Upon receiving the letter, Prashant enlisted the help of the police and filed a complaint with Bandra. Based on the complaint, an FIR was registered for Bishnoy, Brar and Garg. FIR was registered on charges of criminal intimidation and general intent. Police officer Bandra told the Indian Express: “Based on these threats, the government recently also stepped up security measures against the actor. In the past, he was also on the radar of the Bishnoy gang. We are investigating this issue.” Earlier, Bishnoy issued a new threat to Salman in an interview and said that if the movie star does not apologize for the Chinkara hunting episode, “his ego will be shattered.”

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