March 24, 2023

Chief Secretary (Health, Medicine and Family Welfare) M.T. Krishna Babu on Sunday said the state government was taking steps to provide emergency heart care during the “golden hour” for those suffering from heart disease in rural areas.

In the issue of Mr. Krishna Babu said that due to the lack of emergency medical care for heart patients, many people die in the countryside. He added that about 38 million people in the state suffer from heart disease, and 32% of deaths in the state were due to heart disease.

In order to reduce the number of deaths and close the gap between patients and emergency cardiac care facilities, the Department of Health was about to implement the ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI) project in collaboration with STEMI India, an organization with expertise in the management of STEMIs.

He said staff are being trained for a pilot project that will be implemented in about three months. He added that if successful, services would be made available statewide on a star model in collaboration with Aarogyasri’s network hospitals.

He said the government would spend more than £120 crore on a pilot project to set up x-ray laboratories at Kurnool and Kakinada public hospitals.

In district hospitals and district hospitals, which will be spoke centers, pre-diagnosis equipment such as ECG machines; trained doctors and nurses; and paramedic staff will be accommodated. Employees and call centers will be consulting with hubs for medical advice and further action, he said.

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