June 1, 2023

A report released on Monday said there were 45,000 job openings in India last month for artificial intelligence (AI) positions, including data scientists and machine learning (ML) engineers.

According to the report “Initiative for Critical and Emerging Technologies (iCET) – Forces Shaping the Future of Technology” by talent company Teamlease, the focus on machine learning applications is creating demand for AI professionals who are proficient in scripting languages.

Building conventional machine learning models will be a core skill required for a career in AI. The report says new AI engineers can expect starting salaries in the range of Rs 10,000 to Rs 14,000 per year.

“The AI ​​revolution is transforming the labor market, creating an urgent need for skilled professionals who can design, develop and implement cutting-edge AI technologies. Fortunately, the Government of India is taking proactive steps to address this issue by forging a bilateral strategic partnership through iCET and establishing centers of excellence and learning initiatives,” said Sunil Chemmankotil, CEO of TeamLease Digital.

The report comes after a recent partnership between iCET and the US and India to explore AI growth and jobs. iCET was established to strengthen and expand the strategic technology partnership between the two countries and promises cooperation in several technology fields such as artificial intelligence, quantum technology, advanced wireless communication, etc.

“In today’s rapidly evolving job market, upskilling with AI skills is becoming increasingly important for career advancement and employability. As automation and AI transform industries across the board, a basic understanding of AI and its applications can give people a competitive edge in the job market,” said Siva Prasad Nanduri, Chief Business Officer of TeamLease Digital.

“It’s never too late to start upgrading skills, and investing in AI skills can bring long-term benefits to individuals and their careers,” he said.

According to a report by TeamLease Digital, 37% of organizations provide employees with the appropriate tools to build an AI-ready workforce. As many as 30% of organizations said that AI training initiatives are necessary to unlock the hidden talents of their employees. A full 56% of organizations have taken initiatives to bridge the gap between demand and supply of AI talent.

A whopping 55% of employees said that AI opens up new job opportunities, and 54% of them agreed that organizations should conduct upskilling and reskilling initiatives to have a future-ready workforce. More than 40% of employees believe that creating internal capabilities and integrating AI into day-to-day operations enhances AI’s capabilities.

The report mentions a union budget for government steps to train young people in AI-related skills. One of the major government initiatives is the creation of AI Centers of Excellence.

  • 14 lakh Data engineers, data scientists, business intelligence analysts
  • DevOps Engineers, Data Architects, DBAs – Rs 12,000,000.
  • 10 lakh rupees Machine learning engineers

  • The volume of the global AI market in 2022 is $136 billion
  • $115.7 trillion in AI revenue could contribute to the global economy by 2030
  • AI revenue in India in 2022 will be $12.3 billion.
  • About 400,000 people are currently employed in AI positions in India.
  • 16% India contributes to the global AI talent pool
  • Bangalore boasts the world’s second largest AI talent pool

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